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Get Flats for sale in bangalore electronic city

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This is a question that is posed to us more often than you think A residential flats for sale in Bangalore electronic city   is quite tempting we know given that the area is growing by leaps and bounds but is the commute time worth it is what many wonder. So how valid is it to buy a property in Electronic City when your workplace is in Outer Ring Road?   Quite valid you see as the pros far outweigh the cons. Listed below are a few criteria to help clear your confusion.

Connectivity   What once seemed like an eternity to reach outer ring road from Electronic City has now been reduced to half an hour or a maximum of 45 minutes, thanks to the elevated expressway. With the Namma Metro line coming up, the commute time is going to get further reduced. Safety As parents, even when we are in the middle of a busy meeting, our thoughts usually revolve around our children. With the increasing number of nuclear families, most parents cannot afford to supervise the safety of their kids all the time. So, what do you do? This is where gated communities come into play.  Most of these properties in Bangalore are well equipped with CCTVS and round-the-clock security. They have fixed entry and exit points, intercoms, electric fences, etc thus ensuring the safety of your child. Additionally, gated communities offer a sense of protection to your kids as they can play safely without the fear of speeding vehicles.

Infrastructure With world-class schools like Treamis International School, hospitals like Narayana Hrudayalaya and good quality roads when compared to the other options, the infrastructure of electronic city does beat Bellandur and Sarjapur hands down. The roads in Bellandur and Sarjapur are in a sorry state due to the absence of pavements, huge potholes and open drains. This is something that you won’t see in electronic city and the authorities have also started a 16.25 cores project to further smoothen the road stretch from Bannerghatta Road to Neeladri Road, near electronic city.

Water This basic need cannot be ignored and the water woes in Bellandur are not something new. There is a severe water crisis due to the low levels of ground water, a problem which is not prevalent much in Electronic City. Developers like Mahendra Aarna have been strict in implementing rainwater harvesting which is the need of the hour. Amenities for a child to be happy and healthy, she should be provided with all the amenities possible to explore her hobbies and discover her interests. This has been kept in mind by flats for sale  in Bangalore electronic city  like Mahendra Aarna which is why they are not just equipped with a children’s play area but also several other amenities like a cricket pitch, a badminton court, a kids pool, volleyball court, etc.

Prices Electronic City is comparatively cheaper when it comes to affording a flat but offers more facilities with even the government focusing on developing it further due to the booming I.T sector in the area. To conclude, with an ever developing infrastructure and competitive pricing, properties in electronic city phase2 are a steal and once the Namma Metro project shapes up, the commute time will be reduced to nothing. This is going to lead to a great deal of capital appreciation. Additionally, with organizations having realized the benefits of their employees working from home, it might be extended for a much longer time period than expected. Considering this scenario, it would be advantageous to stay in an area which has better infrastructure and facilities than just being near to your office. Developers like Mahendra Homes have understood this and crafted communities in the neighbourhood such that you are in the middle of where the activity is yet are in your own world, thanks to the large open spaces and an extensive green cover that all their properties have. Don’t wait before all the flats are sold out.

To conclude, be it in terms of connectivity, proximity to schools or hospitals, Electronic City is unparalleled when compared to any area. If you are dreaming of owning one of the best flats for sale in Bangalore electronic city book a visit now.

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