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Wire Mesh Welding Machine suppliers

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ZGW 4-14 Fully Automatic Stirrup Bender For Straight Bar
Automatic stirrup(ZGW4-14)uses Italian technology. Through the company's technical department for many years of research, development, and painstaking design, it has reached the most advanced level in China. The performance of the machine is stable, the processing is fine. Since it was put into the market, it has been well received by the majority of customers.
Main parameter:
CapacitySingle wire:4-14mm
Double wire:4-12mmMax.Bending speed1200掳/s
Feeding speed85m/minAverage consumption5kw/h
Feeding precision卤1mmRated voltage380v/220v
Bending stirrup speed:900-1800pcs/hWorking Temp锛?掳~40掳
Total PowerServo motor:15kw+5.5kw
Cutting motor:4kw
Air compressor:4kwDimension2500*1200*2015mm
Its main characteristics are as follows:
1. This machine is intelligent, efficient and energy-saving. It has an integrated design, which integrates bending, cutting and other functions.
2. This machine has high efficiency and small error, with reinforcement of 230x230, 1800 / h.Its output is nearly 9 tons per shift, and it has processing accuracy of 1mm, bending accuracy of 1mm.
3. It is controlled by servo motor, its single thread machining 14mm thread, double thread machining 12 threads.
4. It has intelligent multiple protection and can be operated and located remotely.
5. The electrical components are all made of well-known brands at home and abroad (Schneider and Otnick).
6. It can pre-input 100 kinds of processing graphics, and process on demand, it has high degree of automation, and can edits graphics according to the customer's root needs.
7. The important parts are made of special steel with long service life and low operation cost, ensuring no replacement for processing 1500 tons.
8. It has independent intellectual property rights and obtain 12 national patents.
9. The whole machine is driven by servo, which can overcome the disadvantages of traditional products such as low efficiency and large error.And it will never be affected by climate.Wire Mesh Welding Machine suppliers
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