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Customized Jigsaw Puzzle Hydraulic Press

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Use Range of 200 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Hydraulic Press
Increased precision of the particular movable working desk and high solidity from the press entire body get this press
Usually suited to forming associated with or piece along with irregular form plus necessary for high accuracy;
Four columns are usually made of metal steel with higher tensile resistance plus finely grinded
Primary hydraulic cylinder will be made of metal cast steel plus its inner surface area is finely ground Machining;
Advantages of 200 Ton Jigsaw Puzzle Hydraulic Press
1 ) Fast speed, superior, easy operation;
2 . not With six aspect protection;
3. Lightweight and good physical appearance.
4. Pressure stableness, have no sensation of cutting in addition to rough edge. Since the cutting is usually balanced and deal with. which often can guarantee typically the using lifestyle regarding cutting panels.
a few. All wetness method is given by typically the handbook pump regarding lubricating oil, minimizing typically the use, and increasing most of the using life with regards to the machine.
6th. If the slicing function coming from typically the higher board hard-pressed that can finish off getting cut slower
many. Automatically, which is likely to make simply no dimension problem among them.
7. Enhance structure any moment developed and carry away not bother regarding usually the oil drip.
being unfaithful. Make the particular cutlery mould arranged swiftly and precisely, straightforward to understand.
ten. Reduced motor energy also to low energy consumption.
11. Equipped with each other with a security device(according to be capable to customer needs.
13. It really is nicely suited for almost all types of components except regarding metallic to take within addition to the particular press.
Technical parameters
Main cylinder capacityTon3005001000
System pressureMpa240250250
Main cylinder strokemm150(185)150(185)150
Open heightmm165(200)165(200)170
Height of fixed working tablemm1099(1114)1284(1319)1700
Size of the working tableL-Rmm8009001100
Speeds of the main cylinderFast forwardmm/s135135110
Fast backwardmm/s125125100
Overall dimensionL-Rmm158016002200
Main motor powerkw111530
Weight(Approx)kg7600(7800)9100(9500)11670Customized Jigsaw Puzzle Hydraulic Press
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