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cheap Cosmetic Paper Boxes

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Our Start-up Journey
Lux Paper Box is a family owned company. In the 1990s , it was a golden age to the entrepreneurs in Shenzhen. The founder of Lux Paper Box saw the potentials of printing and packaging industry and decided to took root here. we therefore became the initial batch of the printing and packaging manufacturers in Shenzhen. Lux Paper Box was formally established in 2003. Based on our facility and experience, we quickly became the leading printing company in Shenzhen.
Grow With Us
Lux Paper Box always treat the client as friend. Sincerity and enthusiasm are our principle for all the time. As time goes by, Lux Paper Box has accumulated many stable and long-term business partners. This gave us the chance to constantly expand our enterprise scale. From the past to the now, Luxpaper box have grew into a 220-employees-based plant. Our floor area has also increased to more than 83,000 ft虏. Meanwhile, wider range printing services are provided. Currently, printing and high-end paper packaging now remain a core area of our business. We invite you to become our partner and grow with us !
The world is changing every day, our value do not change: made the best gift box for you.
Consistent Quality銆丼table Suppliers
With the development of business, Lux Paper Box keeps in mind to enhance the productivity, product quality. We pay attention to machine maintenance and update. We keep improving the standard of the product quality testing. Overall, we aim to offer our clients a one-stop and valuable service, comfortable and exclusive experience. We have pursued that vision from day one and we always will.

Services and Experience
Why Choose Us
1. Our factory has focused on the supplying of quality custom printed box over 17 years.
2. Fast and low cost sample box production.
3. Quick response within 24 hours.
4. Box Production Capacity is around 1,000,000 pcs per week.
5. Fast Delivery with no more than 2 weeks after the sample box is confirmed.
6. With our own corrugated board production lines to reduce the box costs.
7. The printing presses include the Heidelberg Speed Master, Roybin, ManRoland series.
8. Sustainable package and green printing to protect our earth. cheap Cosmetic Paper Boxes
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